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Dry Bars = Liquor’s Alternative

By: ATSI Admin April 21, 2014 no comments

Dry Bars = Liquor’s Alternative

All5aday-2014-copy-1024x768In the UK, a string of new businesses in the form of dry bars are putting a new spin on alcohol prevention. Dry bars are finding success serving a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, or “mocktails,” which are popular alcoholic recipes, sans alcohol. Rather than getting so drunk that the last night is a blur, young adults are encouraged to skip the alcohol and still have fun.

“This is somewhere to provide a nice environment, which isn’t just a coffee shop,” said one dry bar manager, Alex Gilmore. “Someone in recovery or someone who doesn’t want to drink still wants to put on their glad rags on and have a good night out. There’s only so much fruit juice you can actually drink. We wanted a drink that was interesting, would stimulate your palate and just not have alcohol in it.”

Having Fun Without Alcohol

Dry bar managers say there are a number of reasons individuals are drawn to the concept of a dry bar. Certainly, many people in recovery for alcoholism find that the dry bars offer a safe substitute to traditional bars and their temptation to consume alcohol. However, 85 percent of patrons of dry bars do not have a history of alcohol abuse. Many women frequent dry bars because they feel safer. Other people choose to avoid alcohol for religious reasons.

Dry bar managers want people to know that they can go out and have a good time with friends without drinking alcohol or getting drunk. Manager Alex Gilmore is thankful to be able to offer a good, alcohol-free time to others, because of his own past struggle with substance abuse. “It is personal,” Gilmore said. “I’m in recovery myself. I’ve been in recovery for cocaine addiction for four years. One way for me to look after myself at that time in recovery was that obviously [I] cut off any connection [I’ve] got. So basically my life sort of stopped — the life that [I] knew. Going out in town, going to different places was incredibly difficult for me to put myself in a risky situation. So it’s really personal for me.”

Many organizations throughout the United States are currently focusing on alcohol prevention in honor of Alcohol Awareness Month and are in support of dry bars. Society generally looks to drinking in order to have fun, yet binge drinking can result in a host of problems, including accidents, injuries, unsafe sex and alcohol toxicity. It also leads to alcohol dependence. Dry bars help steer the focus of socialization away from alcohol and toward safe, fun and sober time with friends.

Do you agree with the concept of dry bars?

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