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Take the Alcohol-Free Challenge

By: ATSI Admin April 17, 2014 no comments

Take the Alcohol-Free Challenge

NoAlcoholAlcoholism is a disease that often catches people off-guard. A person might know they drink more than they should and make goals to drink less, but actually keep drinking more and more. Before long, the person is physically dependent on alcohol. If you are concerned about your drinking or the drinking patterns of a loved one, an easy test is to go without alcohol for a set period of time.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and organizations all across the country are working to educate people about the dangers of alcoholism. Alcoholism destroys lives and threatens health. An individual with alcoholism has extreme difficulty controlling their condition. When addicted individuals stop drinking, even for a few hours, they often experience severe withdrawal symptoms that can be life-threatening. Instead of quitting cold-turkey, problem drinkers must be supervised by medical professionals in order to ensure safety during detox.

The Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse occurs when someone binge drinks, drinks and drives, or misuses alcohol in some way. Alcohol abuse is dangerous because it can lead to accident, injury, and alcohol toxicity. While alcohol abuse doesn’t necessarily signify an addiction, the risk of social drinking patterns turning into addictive patterns is very high.

Many people have excuses as to why they drink, like stress, social pressures or celebrations. Alcohol has become such a large part of the American lifestyle that the fact alcohol abuse is so widespread is not surprising. However, alcohol should not be necessary to have a good time or feel better.

Take the Challenge

We challenge those who misuse alcohol to try going alcohol-free this month, even for one weekend. An individual who can go without alcohol for 30 days is not addicted to alcohol, and should be able to exert control over their drinking. If you can’t keep yourself from drinking for 30 days, you might have a problem; even if you are not dependent on alcohol, worsening problems may be looming.

This month, communities across the country are encouraging people to take part in alcohol-free activities. If you or someone you know relies heavily on alcohol for whatever reason, consider abstaining from alcohol for a weekend or full month. It will help demonstrate that there is more to life than alcohol, and will provide insight into your health and happiness.

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