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Faith-Based Recovery

By: Bethany Winkel April 4, 2015 no comments

Faith-Based Recovery

sorrow bwAs people across the country celebrate Easter this weekend, for many, it is a time to reflect on their faith. Faith not only provides hope for our daily lives, but it provides renewal and a source of support. For many people, spirituality plays a large part in their recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Addiction is a disease that can so easily control a person’s life. It makes them do things they wouldn’t normally do, it takes control of their thoughts and emotions, and it changes their attitude toward life. When recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, it is necessary to undo those harmful though processes, to replace the negative behaviors with positive ones, and to establish goals and hope for the future. Faith and a focus on spirituality can help a person accomplish these things during recovery.

New York Times journalist David Carr, who recently passed away, talked openly with the Washington Post about his struggle with addiction and the role religion played in his recovery. Carr not only believed in his own spiritual journey during recovery, but he believed the church could be a valuable resource to more people struggling with addiction. “It was hard to avoid a spiritual dimension in my own recovery,” he said. “… The unconditional love of the Church could possibly mean the difference between somebody living or dying.”

Read more of David Carr’s story here and let us know what you think about the role spirituality can play in recovery.


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