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Roles Reversed at Public Forum about Teen Substance Abuse

By: Bethany Winkel April 18, 2015 no comments

Roles Reversed at Public Forum about Teen Substance Abuse

DSC_1071At a recent New Jersey public forum, roles were reversed as high school students told parents and teachers all about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Students addressed nearly 100 adults at Ridge High School last week in an effort to inform parents and teachers about substance abuse that is going on in the school district.

The event, called “Out of the Mouths of Teens!” allowed teens to be brutally honest about things they’ve done and seen, and the temptations they face to use drugs or drink. Teens also talked about the reasons they might use substances, including the great deal of stress and pressure they feel to keep up their grades and other activities. The purpose of the night was to “foster an environment for adults and teens to work together and solve alcohol and drug problems together” according to one high school senior.

Read about the forum and what is being accomplished through events like this here.

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