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Should Drunk Driving Laws in New Jersey Change?

By: Bethany Winkel April 6, 2015 no comments

Should Drunk Driving Laws in New Jersey Change?

file4711255543779Governor Christie is reviewing a bill which would change drunk driving laws in New Jersey. The bill would allow drivers that are convicted of drunk driving to reduce sentences from months to days, but it would require them to install ignition interlock devices on their cars.

The legislation, which is supported by Mothers Against Drunk Driving and is already in place in several other states, is causing much discussion. On the one hand, those that support the bill say it will keep people from driving drunk and save lives, something that current laws and jail time sometimes fail to do. “I’ve personally prosecuted people who have been suspended for drunk driving and they walked out to their car and drove home,” said state Sen. Nicholas Scutari.

On the other hand, those that oppose the bill state it will do nothing to keep someone from driving another vehicle while they are drunk, and that the device is too easy to cheat by getting a friend to start the vehicle.

Attorney Bob Ramsey is against the bill. “I’m always concerned about the cost associated with this,” he said. “And also the fact that other family members who drive the vehicle are also going to have to participate with the interlock device and blow into it even though they didn’t do anything wrong.”

Are drunk driving laws too lenient? Are they ineffective? Read the full story here, and let us know what you think.

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