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Not Your Normal College Party

By: Bethany Winkel May 6, 2015 no comments

Not Your Normal College Party

IMGP5088 (1)Alcohol abuse is a big problem on many college campuses in America. While some school administrators are working to implement rules and regulations that would curb the drinking, some students themselves are doing something about the problem.

There are groups of sober students at campuses across the country that are either in recovery for alcoholism, or have decided to take a stand against this dangerous activity. These students hold alcohol-free parties and activities, and are working to show others that you can have fun without the alcohol.

For students that have had an alcohol dependence problem, staying sober while at college is the only way they can make it through. “It shouldn’t be that a young person has to choose to either be sober or go to college,” said one staff member who works with students at Michigan State University. “These kids, who have the courage to see their problem early on, have the right to an education, too, but need support.”

Read more about this initiative and sober activities for college students here.

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