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The Problem with Prescription Drugs

By: Bethany Winkel May 20, 2015 no comments

The Problem with Prescription Drugs

DSC08554-bWe have all heard that prescription drug abuse is dangerous and is an epidemic in our country. Many people, especially teens and young adults, still don’t understand just how big of a problem this really is.

Prescription drug abuse can lead to addiction. It can cause serious health complications and overdose. It can lead to other types of substance use and addiction. It can tear apart families and ruin futures. Prescription drugs are not something to be taken lightly.

Below are some statistics about prescription drug abuse from the RX Safety Matters website. Take note of them, and visit the site for more information.

  • More than 1,600 teens begin abusing prescription drugs each day.
  • Many kids believe prescription drugs are safer to abuse than illegal drugs.
  • After marijuana, the most common drugs teens are using to get high are prescription medications.
  • 12-17 year olds abuse prescription drugs more than ecstasy, heroin, crack/cocaine and methamphetamines combined.
  • Two-thirds of people 12 and older (68%) who have abused prescription pain relievers within the past year say they got them from a friend or relative.
  • The most commonly abused prescription drugs are pain medications, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety medications and stimulants (used to treat attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders).
  • Almost 1 in every 4 teens in America say they have taken a prescription drug that was not prescribed for them.
  • One in five teens (20%) who have abused prescription drugs did so before the age of 14.
  • 9% of teens (about 1 in 10) in a recent study reported using prescription pain relievers not prescribed for them in the past year, and 5% (about 1 in 20) reported doing so in the past month.
  • Thousands of rogue websites selling prescription drug products do not require a valid prescription.

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