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What Should Parents Do if they Suspect Prescription Drug Abuse?

By: Bethany Winkel May 23, 2015 no comments

What Should Parents Do if they Suspect Prescription Drug Abuse?

file6451245785723Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem in America, and despite warnings, many teens still want to experiment with prescription drugs. As a parent, it is important to learn about the dangers your kids face to use drugs, and then to have meaningful conversations with your pre-teen and teenager about saying no to drugs.

If you suspect your teen is using prescription drugs, talk to your child. Don’t be afraid to be honest about your suspicions or to be firm with your consequences. When necessary, consult a professional to find the treatment program your child needs to recover from the addiction.

Parents today have many resources available to them that can help provide information about drug abuse and help for the treatment of addiction. Below is some good advice for parents of teens that want to help their child stay drug-free (RxSafetyMatters.org).

What can you do as a parent?

  • Educate yourself – know the signs & symptoms of prescription drug abuse
  • Be more aware
  • Keep medications in safe place
  • Monitor your medications – use a Medicine Inventory Sheet
  • Dispose of old or unused medications properly
  • Spread the word – know what community resources you have available
  • Spend time with your teen and get to know their friends and their friends’ parents
  • Reinforce positive behaviors
  • Be aware of online activity
  • Most importantly – Talk to your Children!
  • If you know or suspect that your child is abusing drugs, find out what you can do to intervene


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