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Charles Kennedy Dies from Complications Related to Alcoholism

By: Bethany Winkel June 12, 2015 no comments

Charles Kennedy Dies from Complications Related to Alcoholism

IMG_20130705_164014_582 (1)British politician Charles Kennedy has suffered for years with alcoholism, and last week his life was cut short because of complications related to the disease. Kennedy’s family released a statement this week that said, “We are grateful to the many friends and also medical experts who sought to help down the years, but ultimately this was an illness Charles could not conquer despite all the efforts he and others made.”

Many families, like the British Kennedy family, suffer with an addicted loved one. It can be difficult to find effective treatment that works, but professional help is necessary to help individuals recover from this powerful disease. If you or a loved one is in need of treatment, contact Addiction Treatment Services International at 1-855-554-7799 today.

Read more about Charles Kennedy’s story here.

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