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Naloxone more readily Available in New Jersey

Naloxone more readily Available in New Jersey

file00054507431Governor Chris Christie recently announced that he has worked out a deal with the manufacturer of Narcan (naloxone), making the drug more available to those that need it. Naloxone is used to reverse the effects of opioids such as heroin and prescription painkillers. Many first responders are equipped with the drug, which can be administered during an overdose to save lives.

New Jersey has expanded its naloxone program over the past year, and it has indeed saved lives. “Back in March, we empowered 28,000 EMTs throughout the state by allowing them to administer Narcan,” Christie said. “As a result, police officers and EMTs are now trained to be equipped to administer the antidote to overdose victims. Just since April, more than 40 opiate overdoses in the two counties have been reversed and 40 lives have been saved because of it. It means 40 individuals now have a second chance at life.”

After a person has been give that second chance, however, it is important that they are provided with therapy and rehab to help them recover from their addiction. Without treatment, the person is likely to overdose again, but getting the individual into treatment will allow him or her to take advantage of that second chance.

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