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New Jersey Law to Crack Down on Drunk Drivers that Endanger Children

By: Bethany Winkel June 22, 2015 no comments

New Jersey Law to Crack Down on Drunk Drivers that Endanger Children


Dfile0001847431097runk driving is always dangerous and can hurt or kill innocent people, but it is even more of a tragedy when children are involved. A new law in New Jersey will enforce stricter penalties for those that choose to drive drunk with children in the car. “We’re talking about child endangerment,” said Assemblyman Dan Benson in a press release. “Drunk driving is wholly unacceptable, but it is even more delinquent when a minor is a passenger of the vehicle.”

Children are often the innocent victims of their parents’ poor choices. Children of addicts or alcoholics often have to live day to day with the abuse, neglect, or uncertainty that is a result of their parent’s addiction. Lawmakers in New Jersey are working to protect children whose parents make the decision to drive while drunk. The bill would increase the minimum sentence for cases that involve drunk driving with a minor as a passenger.

The goal with the new law is to show that the state will not accept this type of recklessness when it comes to the health and safety of children. “These children are driven by adults and they’re told to get in the car. They don’t have a voice. They don’t have a say-so whether the person is drunk or not. We have to be the voice for those children,” said Assemblyman Charles Mainor.

Read more about the new law here.


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