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Penalty for Supplying Alcohol to Minors in New Jersey

By: Bethany Winkel June 5, 2015 no comments

Penalty for Supplying Alcohol to Minors in New Jersey


It is illegal to supply alcohol to minors. Many parents know this, but many still allow their underage children and their friends to drink in the home. This practice is dangerous, not only because of the physical risks it poses to teens, but because of the harsh penalties for parents who host the parties.

One of the main arguments parents who allow underage drinking in their homes is that if their kids are drinking at home, at least the parents know what is going on and can keep an eye on them. Many parents say they know their kids are going to drink anyway, so they might as well drink in the safety of the home.

However, supplying alcohol to minors carries with it some serious penalties, including here in New Jersey. According to attorney Victoria M. Dalton, “a parent/social host who serves or makes available alcohol to guests under the age of 21 may face criminal penalties. The penalties for giving alcohol to minors or allowing alcohol to be consumed on your property include fines up to $1,000 and /or up to 6 months imprisonment.” In addition, a civil claim can hold parents financially responsible for injuries or death that occur as a result of the drinking.

In order to prevent underage drinking, parents should monitor what their teen is doing and who they are spending time with. Careful supervision at parties and a focus on healthy activities can keep teens from turning to alcohol. Above all, parents should have straightforward talks with their teens about the dangers of drinking.

Get more information about how to prevent underage drinking here.

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