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Company under Fire for Drug Messages on Clothing

By: Bethany Winkel July 31, 2015 no comments

Company under Fire for Drug Messages on Clothing

i0lIncoDA clothing company based in California has people upset over its choice of prints on shirts and pants. The company’s clothing features logos of pharmaceutical drugs that are commonly abused, as well as ingredient lists for making things like “Lean,” a drink that is made with cough syrup with codeine.

Those who are opposed to the clothing are amazed that the company could make light of such a sad situation. “We are losing almost an entire generation of young people to substance abuse. How sickening that there are no restrictions on clothing manufacturers that glamorize illicit drug use,” said Gail O’Brien, founder of The Parents Coalition for Substance Abuse Awareness of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

A representative of the clothing company replied with the following statement: “We are not drug dealers. We sell clothes with drugs on there. I can’t help that people’s kids do drugs. Go get at the drug dealers, not the people that teach kids how to sell clothes with drugs on it instead of the real stuff.”

What do you think? Should there be more regulation over things like what is printed on clothing? Should these companies have enough respect for those going through addiction to not produce these items? Or, are some people making too big of a deal of it? Read the full story here, and then let us know what you think.

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