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Fun Without Alcohol

By: Bethany Winkel July 3, 2015 no comments

Fun Without Alcohol

_DSC4091Many people believe that it is impossible to have fun without alcohol. These are the people that like to get so wasted that they forget what they did that night, get sick, and sometimes even find themselves in trouble or in dangerous situations. The problem with using alcohol as a means to have fun is that it takes away a person’s ability to think on their own, to be social, and to enjoy the company with others doing safe, responsible things.

There is more to life than alcohol, and life can definitely be fun without drinking. All it takes is some creativity and a group of friends that are willing to try it.

Alcohol abuse and binge drinking are huge problems in America today. Summer is a time for drinking and partying, and the Fourth of July is a particularly dangerous time on the roads because of all the drunk drivers. This year, find something sober to do. Alcohol is not necessary for a fun time. Below is a list of things you can do that can entertain, enlighten, and show you a good time, yet don’t have to involve alcohol. Pick a few from the list and try them this weekend.

Take a walk on a beach, by a lake, or through the woods.

Watch the sunrise.

Call an old friend.

Take your dog to the park.

Watch fireworks with some kids (tag along with a friend’s family if you don’t have kids of your own).

Watch a movie.

Read a book.

Organize a pick up game of football or baseball.

Go to a trampoline park and bounce.

Plant a flower or tree.

Test drive a car.

Visit a farmers market.

Go to an arcade.

Climb a tree.

Cook or bake something delicious.

Volunteer at a local shelter or food bank.

Play a musical instrument.

Take a dance class.

Paint pottery.

Go to a sporting event.

Visit an expensive clothing store and play dress up.

Go swimming.

Sing karaoke.

Get together with friends and have a sampling of alcohol-free drinks.

Visit an art museum.

The possibilities are endless, and it just takes some creativity and a positive attitude to have a good time, even without alcohol. There are many benefits to having fun without alcohol: you will remember it, you will feel even better the next day, you will spend less money, you will not embarrass yourself, you will remove the temptation for alcoholics around you, and you will enjoy the company of others even more.

This summer, work on living a fun and sober life. If you do enjoy alcohol, do so responsibly. And always be considerate of friends or family that should not drink because they struggle with alcohol abuse.

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