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New Drug Trends, 2015

New Drug Trends, 2015


file0001337084503We live in a society today that relies heavily on substances like drugs and alcohol to meet a variety of needs. Some people use substances to numb pain or help deal with stress or emotional issues. Others get caught up with substance use because it is something their friends are doing and they are pressured to try it. The National Institute on Drug Abuse regularly publishes reports about the emerging trends related to substance use in America. Below are some of the trends this organization found recently.

Surge in Fentanyl Overdose Deaths. Overdoses of the opioid Fentanyl have skyrocketed across the nation since 2013, often as a result of using heroin that has been laced with the much stronger substance.

Increasing Overdoses from Synthetic Cannabinoids (“Spice,” “K2,” etc.) in Several States. According to NIDA, more than 160 patients were hospitalized following synthetic cannabinoid use in under two weeks in mid April, 2015.

New Synthetic Drug, “Flakka” (alpha-PVP) used in Florida. This synthetic drug is very dangerous and causes hallucinations, violent aggression, suicide, and heart attacks.

Caffeine Powder. Last July, NIDA warned the public of a trend in caffeine powder use. The pure form of caffeine powder can cause erratic heartbeat, seizures, vomiting, disorientation, and even death.

It is important that parents, teachers, and even young adults learn about the trends young people might be faced with today. By educating yourself and your kids, you can be more prepared to avoid these dangerous drugs. You can view the NIDA page yourself here to keep up to date on the latest drug trends.

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