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What New Jersey’s Newest Law Means for Opiate Addicts

By: Bethany Winkel July 21, 2015 no comments

What New Jersey’s Newest Law Means for Opiate Addicts

file1321340932141Governor Christie signed a bill this week that targets the prescription opiate problem in New Jersey. The bill strengthens the state’s prescription drug monitoring program in the hopes that it will make it more difficult for people to abuse opiates. However, the bill says little about the other half of the opiate crisis: heroin addiction.

New Jersey has been struggling with prescription painkiller and heroin abuse for the past few years, and the statistics get more disappointing year after year. The new bill will help the state regulate prescription painkillers better and will hopefully help identify those that need addiction treatment.

According to Governor Christie, “We have taken great strides in the fight against opiate abuse through a comprehensive strategy that encourages healthcare professionals, treatment providers, law enforcement, and members of the public to each embrace their role in addressing this healthcare crisis. By signing S-1998, we’re not only making the New Jersey Prescription Monitoring Program even stronger, we’re demonstrating  that by working together, we can all be part of the solution – a solution that fights the stigma of addiction, saves lives and helps rebuild families.”

What this means for those that abuse prescription opiates is that it will be more difficult to get their drug of choice. What is unclear is what this will do to the heroin addiction epidemic.

Read more about the bill here, and then tell us what you think should be done about the opiate abuse problem in the state.

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