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Marijuana and Professional Sports

By: Bethany Winkel August 3, 2015 no comments

Marijuana and Professional Sports

file0001998098992 (1)The marijuana controversy rages on as people continue to argue about whether or not the drug is dangerous, whether it can be medically beneficial, and whether it should be legalized. In a story in the San Diego Union-Tribune, a number of athletes talk about how they believe marijuana can help them in their profession.

A different sort of drug than the performance-enhancing drugs that are so common in professional sports, many believe marijuana can have its benefits in the world of sports. “It’s natural for football players to lean toward marijuana to deal with the violence and trauma of the game,” said former Denver Broncos tight end Nate Jackson. “Teams will prescribe you bottles and injections that are really bad for you. Cannabis was what my teammates and I preferred.”

Marijuana is illegal in all major sports leagues, as well as college sports, and many people feel it should stay that way. Marijuana can exacerbate mental health problems, cause suicidal thoughts, result in cardiovascular problems when it is smoked, negatively impact brain development, and cause dependence. What is more, many young people look up to professional athletes, and seeing them openly use marijuana would send confusing messages in our already drug-saturated society.

As the debate continues there will be athletes that use marijuana regardless of its status in professional sports. These individuals put their health and their profession in jeopardy, but many are willing to do so. Read more about these athletes here.

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