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Facebook Post Shows the Hard Truth about Heroin Addiction

By: Bethany Winkel September 16, 2015 one comment

Facebook Post Shows the Hard Truth about Heroin Addiction

heroin15n-6-webA Cincinnati woman put a picture on her Facebook page of herself and her two children standing in front of their dad’s open casket. Her message: heroin is dangerous. The woman, whose name is Eva Holland, said her boyfriend and the father of her children struggled with heroin addiction for years.

Eva’s post says it all. “I’m sure this photo makes a lot of people uncomfortable it may even piss a few people off but the main reason I took it was to show the reality of addiction. If you don’t choose recovery every single day this will be your only way out. No parent should have to bury their child and no child as young as ours should have to bury their parent. This was preventable it didn’t have to happen but one wrong choice destroyed his family.”

This is Recovery Month. How can you spread the message that addiction is real and recovery is possible? Read more here.

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Sad very sad but real addiction is a curse I have a family member fighting. For years it’s hard in family and every one invalid I wish they find cure it’s ilnes

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