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Governor Christie’s Plan to Combat Drug and Alcohol Abuse

By: Bethany Winkel September 4, 2015 no comments

Governor Christie’s Plan to Combat Drug and Alcohol Abuse

ChristieMany politicians are now weighing in on the right way to combat drug and alcohol addiction. Governor Christie is no different. He has worked for the past several years to pass legislation that would help treat those with addiction disorders, while making it more difficult for people to get their hands on things like prescription drugs.

Christie’s own state of New Jersey is currently dealing with an opiate overdose epidemic, and this week Christie spoke out once again about how to stop this growing problem.

“The way to really win the war on drugs is to treat the addict,” Christie said in an ad campaign. “For those whose lives we have a chance to save I want us to try and save those lives. Because I believe that every one of those lives is a precious gift from God and it’s not up to us to decide when that life ends.”

How will Christie tackle such a serious problem? His actions as Governor should give us some indication. Christie believes the following will help curb the addiction problem. Some of these things he has done already, others are still in progress:

  • Establish substance abuse housing recovery program on public colleges and universities
  • Expand treatment for addiction through drug court
  • Expand the use of Narcan for opiate overdoses
  • Fund new treatment beds
  • Push insurance carriers to cover more substance abuse treatment programs
  • Expand state’s prescription drug database
  • Launch “KnowAddiction” website and public service announcements

You can see Governor Christie’s newest “Every Life” ad here. Then let us know what you think of Christie’s plan to end drug and alcohol abuse.

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