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What Role Does Faith Play in Recovery?

By: ATSI Admin November 27, 2017 no comments

What Role Does Faith Play in Recovery?

According to many, faith can play a huge role in recovery from addiction. Maryland’s Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force is one group that is turning to church leaders to help curb addiction.

“Church and church concepts provide hope to the hopeless, it brings strength. Faith-based communities try and build families. Faith-based communities try to facilitate humility, acceptance,” said Dr. Finegan, a member of the task force.

As a whole, church leaders are very open to helping in any way they can. “The whole idea of redemption and words that we preach Sunday after Sunday is at the heart of any recovery. There’s always that chance of forgiveness, and there’s always that hope,” said one priest.

Participation in a faith-based program can help a person learn forgiveness, acceptance, and renewal. It can help facilitate holistic healing in the person’s mind, body, and spirit. Turning to a higher power can help take the focus off of the person’s own shortcomings and give them strength to make it through their recovery, one day at a time.

Read more about Maryland’s task force and the resources they are tapping into here.

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