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A Memory-Erasing Medication to Fight Addiction?

By: Bethany Winkel January 12, 2018 no comments

A Memory-Erasing Medication to Fight Addiction?

Researchers are working on a new drug that they believe will help erase an addict’s memory in order to help them recover from drug addiction. The drug, which is being researched by Scripps Research Institute in Florida, is supposed to target certain parts of the brain that store memories of things like a drug high, and wipe them clean. The drug will target psychostimulant-induced memories like those associated with meth addiction.

Sound dangerous? Sound too good to be true? It very well might be. More research will need to be done to determine the safety of a drug like this, and even if it turns out to be harmless, we have learned through trial and error that there is no quick fix to addiction recovery.

No drug is going to be able to cure a person completely of addiction, and those that try to do so are only setting themselves up for failure and relapse. Addiction recovery happens through hard work, through skilled therapy, and through the building of skills needed to face the difficulties of life without substances.

Read more about this new drug here, and let us know what you think.

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