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Accepting You Need Help for Your Drug Addiction

By: Shannon Persad August 30, 2019 no comments

Accepting You Need Help for Your Drug Addiction

With the rise in substance abuse, whether its recreational drugs, opioids or alcohol, it’s hard admitting you have a problem.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), drug addiction is a disease with compulsive behavior, despite knowing and feeling the consequences in the brain and body.

If you have an uncontrollable urge for drugs, risking your life and those around you, it may be time to find help and seek treatment.

Symptoms You Need Treatment for Substance Abuse

It’s hard being in denial that you have a drug problem. Not only is it hard to admit to your peers and loved ones, but it’s hard to admit it to yourself.

Those who suffer from drug addiction have the following symptoms:

  • Failure to stop using drugs.
  • Reduction in productivity.
  • Cannot meet work, family, and social obligations.
  • At risk of losing their job because of reckless behavior.
  • Straining your relationships with friends, family, and others for your drug habits.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms soon after stopping the drug use.
  • Physical tolerance has increased overtime abusing drugs.
  • Compulsive use, despite the consequences, such as impairment or near-death experiences.
  • Committing crimes or in trouble with the law to feed your addiction.

If this sounds like you, it may be time to accept you need help.

You’ll find there are advantages to seeking treatment, rather than facing the consequences, or even death.

Benefits of Seeking Treatment

You aren’t alone. Many of those you get help have benefited in every aspect of their life.

The benefits of seeking treatment include:

  • Speaking with therapists and counselors about your addiction.
  • Medication to combat your cravings and urges.
  • Safe tapering of opioid prescription drugs to make your recovery easier.
  • Treating any mental health disorders.
  • Preventing a relapse.
  • Learning coping skills.
  • Healthier lifestyle.
  • Improving your relationships with your family, friends, and loved ones.
  • Saving your life.

Take Action

It’s never too late to find help, especially if you accept you have a substance abuse problem.

Those who did not come to terms with their substance abuse have suffered an irreversible fate. Don’t let that be you.

For more information on how to approach drug treatment, click here.

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