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NJ Based Company Faces $572 Million in Lawsuit Regarding Opioid Crisis

By: Shannon Persad August 30, 2019 no comments

NJ Based Company Faces $572 Million in Lawsuit Regarding Opioid Crisis

Johnson & Johnson is a company known for baby products, band-aids, and Benadryl.

However, the company headquartered in New Brunswick has found itself in a situation that could impact the corporation and the state.

In a landmark case, Oklahoma accuses the New Jersey-based company of fueling the opioid crisis in their state. As a result, Oklahoma has filed a lawsuit worth $572 million against Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

Oklahoma accuses Johnson & Johnson of deceptive marketing, stating the company oversold the effectiveness of their painkillers while understating its addictive qualities.

While Johnson & Johnson plans to appeal the case, this marks the beginning of states going after opioid manufacturers and distributors in the height of the nationwide opioid crisis.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals in New Jersey

It’s not the first time the subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson has found itself in a predicament.

In November 2018, New Jersey’s Attorney General sued Janssen Pharmaceuticals, stating it fueled the opioid crisis in New Jersey. The AG says that New Jersey has a fantastic pharmaceutical base, but is disappointed that deceptive practices were going on “in our backyard.”

Oddly enough, the accusation of Janssen Pharmaceuticals dishonest marketing practices of downplaying its painkillers risk of addiction echoes the same sentiment Oklahoma has against Johnson & Johnson.

Impact on New Jersey

Johnson & Johnson is one of New Jersey’s largest employers, marking it the sixth-largest employer in the state. Also, the company and its subsidiaries lead the pharmaceutical industry in New Jersey.

Even though New Jersey has not accused their home-town company of fueling the state’s opioid crisis in 2019, nationwide attention can encourage the state to go after Johnson & Johnson too.

To learn more about opioids from the National Institute of Drug Abuse, click here.

Let us know your thoughts. Is the state of Oklahoma right to go after Johnson & Johnson?

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