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Month: October 2019

How to Support Someone Battling Addiction

Oct 25, 2019
Addiction is everywhere, affecting millions of lives each day. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are over 29 different drugs that are commonly misused. From alcohol, opioids,...

How is Fentanyl Abused Today?

Oct 25, 2019
Fentanyl is fatal. It’s a destructive drug that can cause severe, irreversible consequences, even in the smallest doses. While fentanyl has been around for decades as a means to treat...

October 26th is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Oct 25, 2019
It’s October, meaning it’s National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, dedicated to spreading awareness about drug abuse and how communities can come together to comeback the crisis. There are various events...

New Jersey’s Knock Out Opioid Abuse Town Hall Series

Oct 25, 2019
If you live in the state of New Jersey, you may have been aware of the ongoing efforts to combat the opioid epidemic. For instance, an influx of federal grants...

Facts About Fentanyl: What You Need to Know

Oct 22, 2019
Opioid addiction is rampant across the country, which began with the abuse of prescription drugs. Now there are substitutes on the street such as heroin and fentanyl that have added...

Signs a Person is Abusing Painkillers

Oct 22, 2019
The rise of substance abuse cannot be ignored, nor can the type of drugs a person uses to alleviate their symptoms or problems. You’ve most likely heard of the opioid...

Drug Manufacturers Could Pay Up to $50 Billion for Role in Opioid Crisis

Oct 22, 2019
Drug companies have had an immense amount of profit in the last couple of decades, but with the recent lawsuits and settlements against various companies, those profits are dwindling. This...

County Most Affected by Opioids in New Jersey: Camden County

Oct 22, 2019
New Jersey has been no stranger to the opioid crisis. Throughout the year, the state has received many federal grants to support programs to fight the opioid epidemic. For example,...

The Consequences of Having an Alcohol Addiction

Oct 16, 2019
The Consequences of Having an Alcohol in today’s society is seen as the norm. Whether it’s at a social gathering or a party, it’s everywhere. However, to some, they fall...

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

Oct 16, 2019
Substance abuse has been sweeping across the nation, calling for various prevention methods. From numerous funding efforts to many observational days, any event to fight drug abuse is necessary. Throughout...
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