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How to Support Someone Battling Addiction

By: Shannon Persad October 25, 2019 no comments

How to Support Someone Battling Addiction

Addiction is everywhere, affecting millions of lives each day.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are over 29 different drugs that are commonly misused. From alcohol, opioids, to fentanyl, drugs are becoming easily accessible and easily abused.

That’s why, if someone needs a helping hand to battle their addiction, you can be that person to help them through their recovery.

We’ll tell you ways to support someone battling through addiction, as fighting this battle isn’t an easy road.

Find Other Means of Support

When someone is battling addiction, they need all the support they can get. Sometimes therapy isn’t enough. Groups and being a part of a program can do wonders.

Tag Along During Meetings

Most programs such as the 12-step sessions and support group meetings, have gatherings to discuss their addictions, trials, and tribulations. If you are invited to a meeting, find some time to support them by attending and showing up.

Don’t Enable Them

Being inconsistent and undisciplined will ruin anyone’s recovery. If your friend or loved one is having cravings, never enable them. Be there to push them through.

Become More Healthy and Mindful

Investing in one’s health to become a better person can go a long way. While battling addiction, many emotions arise, as well as problems such as restlessness, lack of sleep, irritability. Engaging in activities to keep the mind off of their addiction and bringing awareness to the problem, can push someone forward in their recovery.

Allow Them Their Space

There is a fine line between being overly protective and supportive. Give them space to show trust and reflect as they go through recovery. Establish boundaries so they can become more independent and know that they can do this.


Battling addiction calls for support, and you can be there for your friend or loved one.

Let them know they can break the cycle of addiction and enjoy life being sober.

If you or someone you know is battling an addiction, seek help now.

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