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New Jersey Senators Announce 3 Million to Fight Opioid Crisis

By: Shannon Persad October 7, 2019 no comments

New Jersey Senators Announce 3 Million to Fight Opioid Crisis

Recently, New Jersey’s government has received millions in funding, mainly to fight the opioid epidemic.

Some of New Jersey’s recent funding includes $8 million for opioid treatment in jails and $7.4 million from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Now, two Senators from New Jersey have announced $3 million in funding for the Department of Law Enforcement and Public safety. Cory Booker and Bob Menendez revealed the funding would “bolster law enforcement efforts in cracking down on the illegal distribution of heroin and other opioids across the state.”

How the Funding will Help NJ Law Enforcement

This recent funding for the New Jersey Department of Law Enforcement and Public Safety comes at the height of the opioid crisis in NJ.

Senator Menedez states the opioid epidemic has destroyed many families and how it impacts “our friends, neighbors, and loved ones.” Also, to tackle the opioid crisis requires a “coordinated” approach, starting from awareness to following the flow of illegal drugs like heroin and other opioids at the “local level.”

Senator Booker expressed the need to find “long-term solutions to the crisis by supporting partnerships between public health and public safety agencies.” The state of New Jersey already has on-going efforts to combat the opioid crisis, and additional help for law enforcement should support those efforts.

Governor Murphy commends the two Senators for securing this funding with the primary goal of forming a comprehensive strategy to fight the illicit supply of drugs in NJ.


According to NJ’s Department of Law Enforcement at NJCares.gov, there have been 1,633 suspected opioid overdose deaths in New Jersey alone.

With the new funding to help NJ’s law enforcement fight illicit drugs across the state, do you think it will make a difference? Let us know in the comments below.

To read more about the press release by NJ Senator Menedez, click here.

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