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About 1.5 Billion Painkillers Made It to New Jersey Between 2006 to 2012

By: Shannon Persad December 17, 2019 no comments

About 1.5 Billion Painkillers Made It to New Jersey Between 2006 to 2012

New Jersey’s opioid epidemic has been a cause for concern in the last decade.

According to NJCARES.gov’s opioid dashboard, 7,671 people have died due to an opioid overdose, which includes prescription drugs. In the last few years, deaths have increased due to more heroin and fentanyl deaths.

Data in July 2019, from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), with the help of the Washington Post, has shed light on who distributed and manufactured roughly 1,518,780,056 opioid pills in New Jersey. Also, the top pharmacies to receive the most opioid painkillers.

DEA Data Insight into New Jersey’s Opioid Market

Source: Washington Post via DEA Arcos

According to the ARCOS database, cultivated by the Washington Post the following results have been confirmed between 2012 to 2016:

  • Cardinal Health distributed the most opioid pills, an estimate of 308,118,943 in New Jersey. Cardinal has been a target of lawsuits with accusations of fueling the opioid crisis and failing to report suspicious orders as demand increased dramatically.
  • SpecGx LLC is owned by Mallinckrodt LLC, a U.K.-based company, which produced the most opioids at 589,050,706. Other notable manufacturers, such as Purdue Pharma made the top 5 list at 99,501,919, which was sued earlier in the year with accusations of fueling the opioid crisis in some states.
  • Partners Pharmacy in Springfield received the most opioids in New Jersey at 13,494,480.

More information revealed that South Jersey also received the most opioids in New Jersey in this same period. Camden County in particular was also the most affected by the influx of opioids.


Today, many opioid distributors and manufacturers are under fire, paying billions in settlements, as they have been accused of fueling the opioid crisis. New Jersey has been affected by this epidemic, with various initiatives to reduce the epidemic.

If you or someone you know is suffering from opioid addiction in New Jersey, seek immediate help now.

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