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Alcohol and the Increase in Deaths in the United States

By: Shannon Persad January 17, 2020 no comments

Alcohol and the Increase in Deaths in the United States

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) has found alcohol-related deaths increasing in the United States. The NIAAA has estimated between 1999 to 2017, that nearly 1 million people died from alcohol-related causes. In 1999, about 35,914 had alcohol mentioned in their death certificate. In 2017, that amount doubled to 72,558. In 2017 alone, alcohol played a role in 2.6% of all deaths in the United States.

Why Did Alcohol-Related Deaths Increase?

According to the NIAAA:

“The researchers found that, in 2017, nearly half of alcohol-related deaths resulted from liver disease (31%; 22,245) or overdoses on alcohol alone or with other drugs (18%; 12,954). People aged 45-74 had the highest rates of deaths related to alcohol, but the biggest increases over time were among people age 25-34. High rates among middle-aged adults are consistent with recent reports of increases in “deaths of despair,” generally defined as deaths related to overdoses, alcohol-associated liver cirrhosis, and suicides, primarily among non-Hispanic whites. However, the authors report that, by the end of the study period, alcohol-related deaths were increasing among people in almost all age and racial and ethnic group.”

Alcoholism is also a rising issue in women. NIAAA also states:

“As with increases in alcohol consumption and related medical emergencies, rates of death involving alcohol increased more for women (85%) than men (35%) over the study period, further narrowing once large differences in alcohol use and harms between males and females. The findings come at a time of growing evidence that even one drink per day of alcohol can contribute to an increase in the risk of breast cancer for women. Women also appear to be at a greater risk than men for alcohol-related cardiovascular diseases, liver disease, alcohol use disorder, and other consequences.”


There are dangers to having an alcohol addiction, with various consequences that may result in health issues, and death.

Don’t let that be you.

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