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Johnson & Johnson Sued By Washington State Over Opioid Crisis

By: Shannon Persad January 9, 2020 no comments

Johnson & Johnson Sued By Washington State Over Opioid Crisis

Heading into the new year, Johnson & Johnson is being sued by Washington, as the Attorney General accuses the company of causing the opioid crisis in the state.

This isn’t the first time for Johnson & Johnson, as Oklahoma has also accused the company of escalating the opioid crisis in the state. In general, many pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers are in the crosshairs of many states as people seek a resolution to the ongoing opioid epidemic.

The lawsuit states, according to MarketWatch:

“The multinational company that supplies raw materials used to make opiates drove the pharmaceutical industry to recklessly expand the production of opioids to the point where there was more than a two-week supply of daily doses for every person in the state. The lawsuit, which seeks civil penalties and damages, was filed in King County Superior Court. It says the company violated the state’s Consumer Protection Act, was negligent and a public nuisance.”

Washington will also be after the profits Johnson & Johnson has made in the state due to its behavior, which will be in the millions.

Why Target Pharmaceutical Companies and Manufacturers?

There is a rising trend with states going after companies who manufacture or distribute opiates to find some closure as drug deaths continue to increase.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), since the late 90s, drug companies have told the public and healthcare providers that their drugs were not addictive. Two decades later, that doesn’t seem to the case. The addiction started with prescription drugs. Then drug overdose deaths increased when black market heroin and fentanyl came into the scene.

It’s hypothesized the opioid epidemic has occurred in three waves, and we are currently in the third wave with fentanyl making it onto the streets.


The fight against companies with the accusation of fueling the opioid crisis continues. However, is the damage already done?

If you or someone you know is suffering from opioid addiction, please seek professional help.

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