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New Jersey Among Top 10 Healthiest States According to America’s Health Rankings

By: Shannon Persad January 9, 2020 no comments

New Jersey Among Top 10 Healthiest States According to America’s Health Rankings

NJ residents have some good news despite the opioid crisis and the deaths that are claimed by the epidemic.

New Jersey is amongst the top 10 healthiest states, according to America’s Health Rankings (AHR) Annual Report.

There are several contributing factors, as New Jersey comes in at #8 in the rankings, compared to #11 last year and #17 ten years ago. In 2000, New Jersey was ranked #22.

New Jersey’s Factors for Being Healthy and Upcoming Challenges

America’s Health Rankings Annual Report sums up New Jersey’s strengths and weaknesses.

Amongst the strengths, New Jersey has:

  • Low violent crime rate
  • Low prevalence of obesity
  • High percentage of high school graduation
  • Low prevalence of excessive drinking in adults
  • Top 10 in clinical care (primary, insured, etc).
  • Top 10 in outcomes (deaths, diabetes, cancer, etc.)

Source: AHR

New Jersey also has some challenges despite being #8, which include:

  • High physical inactivity amongst adults
  • Low per capita public health funding
  • Low immunization coverage among children
  • High ranking in drug overdose deaths

Source: AHR

Overall, New Jersey’s highlights according to AHR include:

  • A decrease in cancer deaths in the past 10 years by 7%
  • Drug deaths increased 63% in the last 3 years alone
  • High school graduation rates increased by 9% since 2013
  • Chlamydia increased 58% since 2009
  • Disparity in health status has decreased 35% in the last two years


The AHR report shows the overall trends in the United States, and one of them is the rising drug deaths that still go on today. Also, a 4% increase in suicide rates in the country.

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