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Pharmaceutical Executive Sentenced to 66 Months in Prison

By: Shannon Persad January 27, 2020 no comments

Pharmaceutical Executive Sentenced to 66 Months in Prison

Both the pharmaceutical company’s and their CEOs are starting to face hard times as judges begin to rule lawsuits and jail time.

Last week it was revealed that Insys Therapeutics was a company that is caught in the crosshairs of courts, as people try to find answers for what sparked the opioid epidemic. Back in June 2019, the company filed for bankruptcy and agreed to an opioid settle of $225 million, as they were found guilty bribing doctors.

Subsys, the drug Insys is most known for, is a drug primarily made of fentanyl and used for cancer patients in pain.

Insys CEO Goes to Jail

According to NPR:

“Kapoor and four other executives were found guilty last year of orchestrating a criminal conspiracy to bribe doctors to prescribe the company’s medication, including to patients who didn’t need it. They then lied to insurance companies to make sure the costly oral fentanyl spray (Subsys) was covered.”

Kapoor’s sentence was initially supposed to be 15 years, but it was cut short due to his lawyers levying his old age and philanthropy.

Doctors were bribed, according to reports, which is the main reason Insys was under investigation, and thus the CEO and several others convicted of crimes. The drug taken orally as a spray, Subsys, cost 19,000 a month.

This can set a precedent to other CEO’s and pharmaceutical company’s out there. Also, according to NPR:

“It’s an important warning to other pharmaceutical manufacturers and executives who may be considering pushing their products through aggressive, and possibly legally dubious, marketing schemes,” said (Ameet) Sarpatwari. “The consequences for such actions may not simply be fines — which has historically simply been the cost of doing business — but possibly jail time.”


Many company CEOs may also receive the same fate as Insys’s CEO, John Kapoor.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the opioid crisis may have begun due to the company’s saying their medications were not addictive. However, two decades later, it was proven not to be true.

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