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21 States Reject $18 Billion Settlement from Pharmaceutical Companies

By: Shannon Persad February 18, 2020 no comments

21 States Reject $18 Billion Settlement from Pharmaceutical Companies

In the last couple of years, many pharmaceutical companies have been sued by states and their attorney generals with the accusations of fueling the opioid epidemic.

Company’s such as Purdue Pharma and Johnson & Johnson were at the forefront, looking at more than $1 billion in settlements combined. Some pharmaceutical companies had their CEO’s face consequences, such as prison, in the case of Insys Therapeutics.

According to a WSJ report, 21 states wanted $22 billion to $32 billion in settlements, but the companies offered $18 billion during an 18-year period. The states declined, stating it’s not enough. The purpose of the offer was to settle “ongoing lawsuits states have filed against the companies over their involvement in the opioid epidemic.”

Pharmaceutical Companies and Their Role in the Opioid Epidemic

According to Business Insider:

“As the WSJ reported Friday, the rejection marks another setback in the ongoing litigation against these major pharmaceutical companies. Cardinal Health, Amerisource Bergen, and McKesson — all parties in the rejected settlement — are the biggest drug distributors in the US and have faced criticism for not monitoring the number of prescription opioids they’ve sent out into the market, according to a previous report from Business Insider. The distributors make a profit based on how many drugs they distribute, the report said. “

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that the opioid epidemic began in the late 90s when pharmaceutical companies promised healthcare professionals their prescriptions were not addictive. However, that was not the case.

Over two decades later and 400,000 overdose deaths later, states are now fighting back, seeking justice for those affected.

The opioid epidemic began with prescription opioids, but then heroin, and now fentanyl, have entered the scene, making the opioid crisis more dangerous than ever.

Source: CDC

Get Help for Opioid Addiction

The ongoing litigation battle will continue, as states seek more compensation to help those affected the most by the opioid epidemic.

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