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Financial and Insurance Matters

Anticipated Costs

Major Insuarnce Carriers Accepted

Our admissions staff can help you or your loved one sort through your insurance coverage options. We accept most types of insurance and our experienced professionals can determine what your insurance will allow. For individuals who do not have insurance coverage, we offer affordable self-pay options.

To name a few; Addiction Treatment Services International™ works with the following insurance providers as well as many others:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield


Addiction Treatment Services International (ATSI) is proud to serve military members and their families in

recovering from substance use problems. As of March 1st, 2019, we’re now an in-network provider for mental health and substance abuse treatment services with Tricare Military Insurance!

If you or a one of your family members are in the military, you may know that alcohol abuse and drug abuse are on the rise in the armed forces. From concerns over deployment and being away from loved ones to the stress of enduring wartime and living within military culture, substance abuse in the military can impact the lives of those who serve and those who love them.

Key stats on substance abuse in the military

• Changes in the approach to combat have “increased the trauma and emotional toll combat has had on our service members.”
• Opioids are “being prescribed at increasing rates to veterans to address issues such as migraine headaches and chronic pain.”
• Between the years 2001 and 2009, “the percent of veterans in the VA health care system receiving an opioid prescription increased from 17% to 24%.”
• Military physicians are writing prescriptions for opioids at more than 4 times the previous rate since 2009.
• More than 11% of service members “reported misusing prescription drugs,” most of which were opioid pain medications.
• Recent research has shown that “active-duty military personnel and veterans are prone to substance abuse, depression and suicide.”
• Out of veterans coming home for Iraq and Afghanistan, 39% screened positive for probable alcohol abuse, 3% for probable drug use and almost 14% for probable post-traumatic stress syndrome.”

We know this will open up opportunities for so many military families and children throughout the state of New Jersey and nationwide and we are so very happy to achieve this partnership!


Affordable Self Pay Options

We will work with you and your family if you do not have insurance coverage for substance abuse disorder treatment. We offer a variety of payment plans to help make treatment affordable.


Financial Aid

ATSI understands that for some, treatment may be unaffordable. We offer financial aid for those who qualify. Please inquire for further information.

For additional information about rates and payment options, please contact our admissions department.





What Happens When You Call


Call Addiction Treatment Services International and connect to a Treatment Consultant to confidentially discuss your (or a loved one’s) addiction or psychological struggle.


Your Treatment Consultant then asks specific questions to get an insight into your struggle, treatment needs, location, and finance/insurance details.


The Treatment Consultant evaluates your clinical and resource-related information to determine the best course of treatment for your unique case.



Your Treatment Consultant informs you of the type of program you need based on the clinical and financial information you provided.

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