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Do Hangovers Affect Drinking Behavior?

Apr 23, 2014
While most people associate binge drinking with college students, it’s something all ages and backgrounds do. Often associated with alcoholism, binge drinking is, at the very least, a common precursor...

Dry Bars = Liquor’s Alternative

Apr 21, 2014
In the UK, a string of new businesses in the form of dry bars are putting a new spin on alcohol prevention. Dry bars are finding success serving a variety...

Using Alcohol to Treat Alcohol Addiction… Huh?

Apr 18, 2014
Earlier this year, a Canadian addiction organization stirred up justifiable controversy with its crack pipe vending machine. For just 25 cents, a crack pipe can be purchased right on the...

Take the Alcohol-Free Challenge

Apr 17, 2014
Alcoholism is a disease that often catches people off-guard. A person might know they drink more than they should and make goals to drink less, but actually keep drinking more...

New Jersey Turns to Dramatic Anti-Drug Ads

Apr 14, 2014
New Jersey has struggled with increasing heroin abuse in recent years. In an effort to make it stop, law enforcement, county and state officials, and health organizations have teamed up...

The Zohydro Controversy

Apr 11, 2014
As if America’s prescription drug abuse epidemic wasn’t bad enough, a controversial new drug has been making headlines… and many fear it’s even more powerful than OxyContin. Last month, Zohydro...

The Effects of Parental Substance Abuse

Apr 10, 2014
As we know, children are heavily influenced by their parents. Whether adults like to admit it or not, their children are always watching them, looking to them for guidance and...

The Link Between Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Apr 9, 2014
[image via dualdiagnosis.org] Behavioral health issues and substance abuse often go hand-in-hand and are referred to as “co-occurring disorders.” Someone who suffers from co-occurring disorders must get the right kind...

Ocean County New Jersey Authorities Want Overdose Answers

Apr 7, 2014
Law enforcement and health authorities in Ocean County, New Jersey are looking to hospitals to provide them with much needed information about drug overdoses in the county. Hospitals seem willing...

April Is Alcohol Awareness Month! Go Alcohol-Free This Weekend

Apr 4, 2014
April is Alcohol Awareness Month, which is sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) and dedicated to educating and preventing alcohol abuse among the American masses....
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