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Category: Addiction Treatment

The Love Hormone & Addiction

Apr 2, 2014
Why are some people more prone to addiction than others? For decades, scientists have been trying to answer this question—and recently, researchers from the University of Adelaide in Australia made...

6 New Jersey Counties Struggling With Drug Abuse

Mar 28, 2014
Heroin has become a frightening epidemic across the state of New Jersey. A drug with a mighty powerful addictive force, even the most unlikely, quaint Garden State communities are now...

New Jersey Needs a Drug Intervention!

Mar 27, 2014
Last week, a panel of New Jersey state officials released a report outlining ways to curb the state’s rampant heroin and prescription drug abuse. The 16-member panel of the Governor’s...

Drastic, Tragic Increase In Drug-Dependent Babies

Mar 26, 2014
Imagine being addicted to a substance without ever even using it, and never having a say in the matter. Tragically, so many innocent victims of drug abuse are babies of...

The Myths Behind the Disease of Addiction

Mar 24, 2014
Did you know? More than 40 million people in the United States suffer from substance addiction—and tragically, only about 10 percent of those people receive treatment. [1] Shame, embarrassment, guilt...

Attorney General Addresses Heroin Epidemic

Mar 19, 2014
Attorney General Eric Holder recently spoke about America’s heroin epidemic, as well as what can be done to prevent fatal overdoses. Holder’s video, posted on the Justice Department’s website, noted...

Should Drug Dealers See Longer Prison Sentences?

Mar 13, 2014
It’s a longstanding debate: While many believe stricter laws and more serious sentences would help deter people from abusing drugs, others believe addicted individuals will simply return to destructive habits...

Get the Facts: Drug Treatment & the Affordable Care Act

Mar 12, 2014
For the past few years, the Affordable Care Act has been source of hope for many Americans suffering with mental illness and/or addiction disorders. The Mental Health Parity Act was...

The Tale of Justin Bieber, In-flight Marijuana and New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport

Feb 28, 2014
[image via Wiki] Earlier this month, 19-year-old music megastar Justin Bieber admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol on his flight to New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport—and so we begin this...

Heroin & Fentanyl, A Deadly Combo

Feb 26, 2014
[Image via WTAE] Over the past few months, a dangerous combination of Fentanyl-laced heroin has led to at least nine deaths or hospitalizations in New Jersey, and the trend seems...
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