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Tag: alcohol abuse

How Do You Know if You Have a Problem with Alcohol?

Dec 18, 2017
Many people use and abuse alcohol, but do not believe they have a real problem with it. Alcoholism is a disease that starts out with alcohol abuse, and before long,...

Sober Bars Making a Difference in the Late Night Scene

Aug 10, 2015
A new kind of bar is slowly emerging, and it has many people fascinated by the idea. Dry bars, or sober bars, provide people with a place to gather and...

Fun Without Alcohol

Jul 3, 2015
Many people believe that it is impossible to have fun without alcohol. These are the people that like to get so wasted that they forget what they did that night,...

DUI Patrols on the Lookout this Fourth of July Weekend

Jul 2, 2015
The Fourth of July is one of the most dangerous holidays on the roads because of drunk driving. New Jersey law enforcement will be out in full force this year,...

Get Home Safely this Fourth of July

Jun 27, 2015
The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and many people will find themselves with the dilemma of how to get home safely after being out celebrating with friends....

New Jersey Law to Crack Down on Drunk Drivers that Endanger Children

Jun 22, 2015
  Drunk driving is always dangerous and can hurt or kill innocent people, but it is even more of a tragedy when children are involved. A new law in New...

Charles Kennedy Dies from Complications Related to Alcoholism

Jun 12, 2015
British politician Charles Kennedy has suffered for years with alcoholism, and last week his life was cut short because of complications related to the disease. Kennedy’s family released a statement...

Penalty for Supplying Alcohol to Minors in New Jersey

Jun 5, 2015
It is illegal to supply alcohol to minors. Many parents know this, but many still allow their underage children and their friends to drink in the home. This practice is...

Why Teens Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

May 28, 2015
Many parents are caught off-guard by their teen’s drug or alcohol use. They might have higher hopes for their child than a life of addiction, they might not understand the...

New Campaign Targets Parents who Provide Alcohol to Minors

May 16, 2015
One New Jersey community is taking a stand against underage drinking by targeting the parents of teens. The Secaucus Coalition for a Healthy Drug Free Community (SCHDFC) is launching a...
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