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Tag: drug abuse prevention

New Jersey Celebrates Work of Addiction Treatment and Prevention

Sep 23, 2015
This week marks the one-year anniversary of New Jersey’s Facing Drug Addiction Task Force. The task force was created under Governor Christie to address drug addiction through treatment and prevention....

White House Develops a Plan to Stop Heroin Epidemic

Aug 19, 2015
It’s what the country has been waiting and hoping for – a real plan that can finally help do something about the tragic rise in heroin addiction and overdose in...

New Drug Causing Trouble in Florida

Aug 14, 2015
A new drug has made its way to Florida and parts of the Midwest, and it has officials concerned. The drug, called flakka, is a potent stimulant that is made...

What the New Drug Czar Has to Say, Part 1

Jul 9, 2015
Drug Czar Michael Botticelli has been in office for less than a year, but his drug policies are already starting to show through. He recently talked with the Dallas Morning...

D.A.R.E. New Jersey Faces New Challenges

Jun 16, 2015
The well-known D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program which educates students about the dangers of drug abuse, will soon be replaced in New Jersey. The new program, called L.E.A.D. (Law...

Why Teens Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

May 28, 2015
Many parents are caught off-guard by their teen’s drug or alcohol use. They might have higher hopes for their child than a life of addiction, they might not understand the...

The Problem with Prescription Drugs

May 20, 2015
We have all heard that prescription drug abuse is dangerous and is an epidemic in our country. Many people, especially teens and young adults, still don’t understand just how big...

Spending Time as a Family Can Prevent Substance Abuse

May 18, 2015
Parents who interact with their children in a positive way can help keep their adolescent from using drugs and alcohol. Several New Jersey communities are finding ways to encourage parents...

Roles Reversed at Public Forum about Teen Substance Abuse

Apr 18, 2015
At a recent New Jersey public forum, roles were reversed as high school students told parents and teachers all about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Students addressed nearly...

Campaign Motivates Students to Stay Drug-Free

Apr 2, 2015
Students in North Carolina are signing pledges this week to stay drug and alcohol-free. The campaign is called “We Are Hope” and it is a collaboration of students and public...
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