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Tag: drug dealers

“Narcos” and the War on Drugs

Aug 28, 2015
A new drama has been added to the Netflix lineup, and it is expected to both entertain and educate. Called “Narcos,” the show tells the story of Colombian drug lord,...

New Jersey Man Gives Up Everything to Make Illegal Drugs at Home

Jul 7, 2015
A New Jersey man was recently arrested for making and selling illicit drugs from his home. The man, a 44-year-old senior scientist at a pharmaceutical company, was successful at his...

New Ruling Will Make it more Difficult to Convict Synthetic Drug Dealers

Jun 19, 2015
The Supreme Court ruled this past week that those who are accused of selling synthetic drugs cannot be convicted unless it can be proven that they knew the substance was...

Are Sentences for Drug Dealers Fair?

Mar 18, 2015
A 42-year-old man was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison for a sophisticated drug-dealing operation in Jersey City. The man was convicted of two counts of conspiracy to distribute...

Should Drug Dealers See Longer Prison Sentences?

Mar 13, 2014
It’s a longstanding debate: While many believe stricter laws and more serious sentences would help deter people from abusing drugs, others believe addicted individuals will simply return to destructive habits...
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