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Tag: heroin abuse in New Jersey

On the Campaign Trail: Hillary Clinton Proposes Spending More Money to Combat Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Sep 2, 2015
Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton wants to spend $10 billion in new federal grants to combat drug and alcohol addiction. She, like several other candidates, has talked openly about wanting to find...

State Announces Art Contest to Help with Heroin Crisis

Jul 22, 2015
In today’s world, we need to use every tactic possible to help curb opiate abuse and addiction. Many different ideas have been presented and implemented, including better monitoring of prescription...

New Jersey Eclipses National Statistics for Heroin Overdoses

Jul 13, 2015
New Jersey has achieved some unwelcome statistics. In a report released earlier this month by the CDC, the national numbers of heroin overdoses have skyrocketed in recent years, quadrupling from...

New Jersey Heroin Trafficker Receives Minimum Sentence

May 13, 2015
Several members of a well-known drug trafficking organization have been sentenced for their drug crimes. Among them is Rashawn Ramos, a 38 year-old from Perth Amboy. Ramos, along with 11...

6 New Jersey Counties Struggling With Drug Abuse

Mar 28, 2014
Heroin has become a frightening epidemic across the state of New Jersey. A drug with a mighty powerful addictive force, even the most unlikely, quaint Garden State communities are now...

New Jersey’s Heroin Problem Rages On

Mar 14, 2014
This week, a New Jersey dad dropped off his two-year-old son at daycare. Later that day, a daycare employee found 48 packets of heroin inside the child’s jacket. The father...
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