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Tag: marijuana abuse

Marijuana and Professional Sports

Aug 3, 2015
The marijuana controversy rages on as people continue to argue about whether or not the drug is dangerous, whether it can be medically beneficial, and whether it should be legalized....

New Attorney General’s Stance on Drugs

Apr 29, 2015
A new Attorney General was sworn in this week, and many are wondering about her stance on the war on drugs, sentencing for nonviolent drug criminals, and marijuana legalization. It...

Drug Bust Reveals One Million Dollars Worth of Marijuana

Mar 16, 2015
Detectives recently confiscated over 1 million dollars in marijuana from a North Jersey drug ring. Three men are being held at a Morris County facility, awaiting court hearings for “the...

This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Pot

Feb 24, 2015
An article on MSN last week talked about the differences between marijuana from years ago and modern marijuana. With the number of states legalizing medical marijuana, the number of people...

Driving While Under the Influence… Of Marijuana

Mar 20, 2014
With its recent legalization of marijuana, is now legal for individuals in Colorado who are over the age of 21 to use marijuana recreationally. The state has released public service...

The Tale of Justin Bieber, In-flight Marijuana and New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport

Feb 28, 2014
[image via Wiki] Earlier this month, 19-year-old music megastar Justin Bieber admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol on his flight to New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport—and so we begin this...
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