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Tag: New Jersey drug treatment

New Jersey Celebrates Work of Addiction Treatment and Prevention

Sep 23, 2015
This week marks the one-year anniversary of New Jersey’s Facing Drug Addiction Task Force. The task force was created under Governor Christie to address drug addiction through treatment and prevention....

New Jersey Recovery Month Activities

Sep 7, 2015
The Recovery Month activity calendar is filling up quickly. As we begin the second week of National Recovery Month, organizations across the country are doing their part to spread the...

New Jersey Turns to Dramatic Anti-Drug Ads

Apr 14, 2014
New Jersey has struggled with increasing heroin abuse in recent years. In an effort to make it stop, law enforcement, county and state officials, and health organizations have teamed up...

New Jersey’s Needle Exchange Program

Mar 31, 2014
One of the many dark consequences of heroin addiction is the transmission of deadly diseases through the use of dirty needles. New Jersey communities have been ravaged by heroin and...
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