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Tag: opioid addiction

NJCAEF Proposes SBIRT Program for Young Adults Suffering from Substance Abuse

Nov 7, 2019
With substance abuse rampant across both the nation and the state of New Jersey, the NJCAEF has proposed a program called SBIRT for young adults in school to fight the...

NJ Attorney General and NJ CARES Announce 1 Million for Operation Helping Hand

Oct 16, 2019
New Jersey’s opioid crisis efforts continue as Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal, alongside the Office of the New Jersey Coordinator for Addiction Responses and Enforcement Strategies (“NJ CARES”), announces $1...

New Jersey Senators Announce 3 Million to Fight Opioid Crisis

Oct 7, 2019
Recently, New Jersey’s government has received millions in funding, mainly to fight the opioid epidemic. Some of New Jersey’s recent funding includes $8 million for opioid treatment in jails and...

Is It Possible to Quit an Opioid Addiction?

Oct 2, 2019
Every day there’s an opioid-related event in the United States, whether it’s about pharmaceutical companies going bankrupt, federal funding to combat the opioid epidemic or a rising opioid crisis in...

Six Ways to Fight the Opioid Crisis

Sep 17, 2019
While efforts to combat the opioid epidemic continues, such as the recent funding of 1.8 billion from the government, the problem will not go away overnight. According to the National...

Are You Substituting Your Addiction in Recovery?

Sep 17, 2019
During addiction, dopamine levels increase during drug use, creating dependency on that drug. Once people have entered sobriety, they may turn to substitutes. For instance, many recovering addicts may turn...

U.S. Government Announces 1.8 Billion to States to Fight Opioid Crisis

Sep 9, 2019
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has announced the current administration will fund states with 1.8 billion dollars to combat the opioid crisis. The main objective of...

Pharmacies in New Jersey That Sold the Most Opioids During Crisis

Sep 9, 2019
A report in June from The Washington Post has shed light on pharmacies that sold the most opioids as the epidemic reached new heights. It starts with the Drug Enforcement...

Managing Prescriptions Can Help End Opioid Addiction

Apr 29, 2014
Over the past several years, New Jersey has been battling high rates of opiate drug abuse. The Garden State is becoming an infamous prescription hotspot, and these powerful drugs often...
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